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We are a consulting financial broker focused on forex trading, which provides an elite, ambitious, select, reliable, safe and innovative service, that's why it will be the market leader for excellence.

Our Team

Financial Management is formed by a team of financial specialists in the area, which have cutting-edge technology, analysis platforms, statistics and development of their own strategies to respond immediately to market demand. Financial Management, is a fundamental tool for the advice and high impact investment proposals generated by our team.

Our History

Financial Management has been created by a group of financial experts willing to share with our community the formula of success; which is built with transparency, perseverance and results. We have the experience and knowledge to know how to plan. It is very important not only to know how to earn the money, but to invest it, since each movement you make will bring you closer to developing more techniques and strategies to be able to invest successfully. The Financial Management formed in the culture of effort and its commitment with the communit, few years ago the concern to grow and offer an exclusive service for our best customers arises. Placing ourselves as the first financial broker chosen by the clients.



We will assign you a financial trader, which will provide you help related to finance issues and make analysis to try to predict future prices.
At first look, it could be thought that working with financial advisers is a necessity for people who do not have the knowledge or the necessary time to personally take care of these issues. However, this is not necessarily the case otherwise many of the great personalities from the economics' world and financial markets would not hire the services of these advisers.
The winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2002, Daniel Kahneman, publicly stated: "I am intimidated by my financial advisor, he knows how little I know".
Financial Management will place a person in charge for looking after your interests and helping you avoid the most costly mistakes can be an important advantage


Leverage is a form of virtual credit, which allows us to negotiate in the market with the broker's money. Let's say we have an account with $1,000, if we use a 1:100 leverage it is as if we had $100,000 (1,000 x 100). This means that if a currency rises 2% we would earn 2% of $100,000, that is we would earn $2,000 with an initial capital of only $1,000. If we have losses we would not lose $100,000 but our losses would be limited to the $1,000 that we had at the beginning.
Financial leverage means the use of external capital per unit of invested capital.
Financial leverage is the only way for small investors to participate in a market that was originally intended only for banks and financial institutions. Leverage is a necessary feature in the Forex market not only because of the magnitude of the capital required to participate in it, but also because the main currencies fluctuate on average less than 1% per day.


Our operator has managed to detect the uncertainty related to a threat, through a sequence of human activities that include risk assessment, development strategies to mitigate risk and human resource management. Strategies are developed to transfer, evade, reduce and accept the consequences of a particular risk.


The forex market operates effectively 24 hours a day. Whether it's 6 in the afternoon or 6 in the morning, somewhere in the world, there are buyers and sellers who are constantly trading currencies. Financial market operators can always react immediately to breaking news; and, unlike the stock market, the gains and losses are not affected by earnings reports announced after market close, telephone conferences with analysts, falls in the level of operations due to "pending news" or announcements.

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