Privacy policy

1. Company Responsibilities

The company understands the importance of respecting the confidentiality of Customer information. The client provides the Company with their personal data, and the Company undertakes to maintain their confidentiality. The company is making significant efforts to protect the confidentiality, safety and security of customer information.

2. Collection of information

In case you decide to open an account with the Company and thus become a Client, the Company will need to request certain information from you. The company may receive your personal information directly from you (from the application form for opening an account that you filled out, or otherwise), or from other persons, including, for example, from the credit history bureau, anti-fraud authorities, banks and other financial institutions, authentication services involving third parties, state registration chambers. This information includes, among other things, personal information such as your name and surname, address, date of birth, contact details, payment details, including credit card details, debit cards, bank account and other necessary financial data. We may also receive information about you by tracking the use of our websites by such parameters as, for example, pages visited, frequency of visits, duration of visits, and operations performed. In addition, the Company may from time to time request additional information to improve the quality of the services provided (to the Company's Clients), to cooperate with the Client under the relevant Agreement, or, depending on the circumstances, for compliance with applicable regulatory documents.

3. Use of information

The company uses, stores, processes your personal data and works with them (if you are an individual) in connection with the implementation of the Agreement concluded between the Client and the Company. Your data (if they are not in open sources and not previously received by the Company without confidentiality obligation), received by the Company, are treated as confidential information and, accordingly, should not be used for purposes other than the provision, administration and improvement of the Services provided to the Client and the implementation of the Agreement concluded between the Client and the Company in connection with the opening of the Client’s trading account and the operation of this trading account with Going, as well as legal relations of the Client with the Company, as well as to assess your current needs, in the interests of improving the Company's products and customer service, providing you with relevant information and new opportunities that, in the opinion of the Company, may interest you, in order to improve legal relations, struggle money laundering, as part of a comprehensive audit, for research and statistical purposes, as well as for marketing purposes (in accordance with the Agreement concluded between th and the Company), taking into account the relevant circumstances.

4. Communication with the Client

In order to implement certain administrative actions in accordance with the Agreement concluded between the Client and the Company, the Company may, if necessary, contact the Client directly by phone or e-mail. With the consent of the Client, the Company and its partners and representatives may contact the Client by phone or email for marketing purposes in order to offer products and services that may be of interest to the Client, or to obtain information for market research purposes.

5. Disclosure

In accordance with the Agreement concluded between the Client and the Company, the Company has the right to disclose information of the Client in certain circumstances (including records and documents of a confidential nature and card details). In accordance with the aforementioned Agreement, disclosure of Customer data is allowed in the following cases:

  • (a) in accordance with the law or by virtue of a court decision of the relevant jurisdiction;
  • (b) at the request of the supervisory authority, or other regulatory bodies under whose control, or in whose jurisdiction is located the Company, the Client or persons associated with it, or in whose territory the Clients or Suppliers of the Company are located, depending on the circumstances;
  • (c) at the request of the competent authorities in order to investigate or prevent fraud, money laundering, or other unlawful activities;
  • (d) at the request of the Broker for the purposes of executing the Instructions or Orders of the Client, as well as for the purposes of auxiliary character in relation to the provision of the Services to the Client;
  • (e) at the request of credit bureaus, anti-fraud authorities, third-party authentication services, banks and other financial institutions for the purpose of checking creditworthiness, preventing fraud, preventing the laundering of criminal proceeds, identification, or as a comprehensive check on Customer In this case, these bodies have the right to reconcile the data provided by the Client with information from any database;
  • (f) at the request of the Company's professional advisers, provided that in each particular case the relevant adviser is informed of the confidential nature of the requested information and accedes to the obligations set forth in this document to keep it secret;
  • (g) at the request of the Company's service providers for the creation, maintenance and processing of databases (electronic and otherwise), accounting and record keeping services, e-mail services, messaging services, or other services of this kind, the purpose of which is to assist the Company in collecting, storing, processing and using Client's data, in maintaining communication with the Client, or to improve the Company's Services and the Client's cooperation with the Company under the Agreement;
  • (h) at the request of statistical reporting bodies;
  • (i) at the request of other service providers for statistical purposes in order to improve the Company's marketing activities. In this case, the information is provided in an aggregated form;
  • (j) at the request of market research reference services conducting interviews by phone or e-mail in order to improve the services or activities of the Company. In this case, only contact information is provided;
  • (k) if necessary, in order to protect or exercise the Company's legal rights in any court of general jurisdiction, arbitration or arbitration, in legal relations with any Ombudsman and any government bodies, depending on the circumstances;
  • (l) upon request and with the consent of the Client;
  • (m) at the request of one of the Company's Affiliates;
  • (n) the Company's employees in the interests of fulfilling their obligations to implement the Agreement concluded between the Client and the Company, as well as to ensure the effective functioning of the Company's Platform.

6. Protection of information

Client information is stored on secure servers. The Company restricts access to Client information, providing it only to those employees and partners who need to know this information in order to ensure the implementation of the Agreement concluded between the Company and the Client. The company complies with certain rules designed to ensure the protection and safe use of Customer information. The retention period is determined depending on the type of information collected and the purpose of its collection, taking into account the requirements applicable to the situation and the need to destroy outdated, unused information as soon as possible. In accordance with current regulatory requirements, materials containing the Client's personal data, his trading information, documentation regarding the opening of an account, correspondence and all other information relating to the Client are stored in the Company for at least five years after the termination of the announcement. In any case, the Client's information will be stored in the Company for at least the period stipulated by the current legislation on the limitation period. The company takes all necessary measures to protect the information of the Clients. At the same time, the Client acknowledges that the Internet is not a completely safe means of communication, therefore, the Company cannot guarantee the safety and security of personal data received from the Client or transmitted by the Client via the Internet.

7. Data change

The client may at any time inform the Company about changes in its data. The company will make the required changes at the direction of the Client.

8. Right of access

The client has the right to provide him with copies of any personal data relating to him that is at the Company's disposal, and also to inform the Company in the event that any inaccuracies are found in them. Company doesn’t sell or share private information. The client can contact the Company at the email address